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In this podcast, our aim is to answer any questions you might have from our experience and the experience of many others. These can be any type of questions from what does it look like to pray with an employee, to how do I think about choosing a partner, to how do I think about raising money, or growth hacking or intellectual property or hiring the best people.

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    Episode 41 - How to slay a dragon: Peter Greer, CEO of Hope International

    In this week’s episode, we’re talking to Henry’s long-time friend Peter Greer, President and CEO of Hope International, a leading provider of microfinancing for underserved communities around the globe. Peter helps us understand the multi-faceted aspects of poverty, that it’s about more than simply the lack of resources.

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    Episode 39 - The Partnership Factor: Part One with David Morken, CEO of Bandwidth

    In this edition of the FDE Podcast, we get a peek into the longtime friendship and partnership (let’s just call it what it is – a bromance) between David Morken and Henry Kaestner, co-Founders of Bandwidth and Republic Wireless. They share with us the divine origins of their relationship (Henry was a direct answer to David’s prayer) and how their relationship translated into a successful business where people are promoted as much as the product.

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    Episode 37 - Hey Kid, Wanna Test Something on the Space Station? - Valley Christian School's Entrepreneur Program

    The team spends some time with the students and teachers from Entrepreneur Program and Valley Christian School (VCS) in San Jose, CA. Spearheaded by Hannah and Danny Kim, entrepreneurs in their own right, the program has launched high school students into the world of entrepreneurship in the midst of a community invested in seeing biblical values and principles impacting the world.

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    Episode 35 - God Loves Idiots Too: John Marsh of Marsh Collective

    The team sits down with John Marsh of Marsh Collective, Opelika Alabama to discuss storytelling, what it’s like to run 10+ businesses (the collective part of Marsh Collective) and how to be the steward of 10 square city blocks for the glory of God and Kingdom while being totally unqualified to do so.

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    Episode 34 - Part Two: Lightning Round

    This week we get into part two of the Lightning Round episode, fielding your questions. Henry, Rusty, and William tackle two really important questions for the faith driven entrepreneur: how we handle our resource of money and time.

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